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New Metallic Wood Coque Bumper Cover Case For iPhone X XS Series

New Metallic Wood Coque Bumper Cover Case For iPhone X XS Series

Sale price $70.00 Regular price $84.00

A touch from the future. Slim and thin, more protection with less weight for the latest iPhone series (camera position of the case varies with your phone model).

  • Premium retail package: this product features a one-global package so it fits the Apple products indicated in your buying options without question.
  • Stylish:  Not only does this slim case with stand does it all with more style, it is also features a dirt resistance and anti-corrosive case. This makes your phone smarter and more protected than it's been.
  • Smart: this is especially useful if you spend time chatting. The unique curves on this case helps you hold on for long-duration calls while minimizing the stress on your hands.
  • Personalized: comes in the coolest urban color for your preference.
  • Multifunctional: made particularly for portability and ease for control of your iPhone. It makes it possible for the phone to be felt as if there wasn't a case.
  • Slim: this thin case was made to be lighter and easier to carry around than its previous silicone predecessors. Not to mention, it's made to last even longer.

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