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As warmer days are coming close, we all are getting super excited to go out! And for most of us, we do not leave the house with our phone and favorite apps. From streaming Spotify on the treadmill to taking the perfect selfies after a hike at Yosemite, you are going to need more than just a phone case to keep your phone 100% functional and protected. And that is what we are here to help with as you read along!

#1 The highly-anticipated Nillkin metal case: this case has the protective shields around the edge of your phone where you most need. So the kiddy phone drops will not chip and damage the very cosmetics of your device. The ring kickstand is also a great feature since it will not break easily like the ones made out of plastic while being even more steady. This will be your favorite case if you have had thick and uncomfortable cases that take up most of your pockets, learn more about our specialty phone cases here.

#2 The super lightweight Baseus water-proof armband: if you the competitive athlete who rides the bike for 20 miles, jog for 10 miles then go on and swim for another one, this is the armband that has just as much stamina! It is easily strapped on, so there is no hassle like slipping the phone in. Unlike other armbands that irritates after a while and become deadweight, the Baseus is known for its light and steadiness. Aside from the world it is capable to go along with you, it also comes in your favorite sporty colors. View all other hand-picked armbands.

#3 The ultra-thin fusion transparent armor by Artisome: did you miss how your phone looked on the very first day you had it? Now you can protect it while trading away little shape of your phone. The Artisome transparent case promises all the protection offered by your standard case while being even more comfortable and light wherever you decide to take it. And of course, you will have more of your phone showing to be admired. View all other super lightweight phone cases.

#4 The 360 flexible Tomkas ultra grip vent mount: don't compromise angle with strength, ever. With the Tomkas vent mount, adjusting your phone for easy viewing will be a breeze. Either you want it straight diagonal for navigation or gaze-down for youtube clips, this mount will have you covered. Best of all, you should not have to worry about your phone falling off the grip like the others out there. See all other phone mounts and holders here.

#5 The all-powerful waterproof case by Turata: the toughest guy of them all. Once you have your device protected by the Turata, you are in good hands. It is one that deeper water can't even break through. Not only is it a hard shield, but it is also easy to work with. It's compatible with the most popular phones from iPhones to Galaxies. If you're going kayaking or other wet adventures, this has to come with. 


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